Mindfulness Through Creating

For my very first blog article I thought that I would look at the art of mindfulness as this is a real element of my process when I paint and create ceramics, and I hope for this to come through in my work and my brand.

One of my favourite websites is International Institute of Not Doing Much, with articles such as ‘Slowosophy’ and ‘The Art of Not Doing Much’, the IINDM recounts the wisdom of how to relax and live at a slower pace.  Many of us become consumed by the everyday bustle of working life and forget to take time for ourselves, time not even to think or contemplate but simply to remain peaceful and thoughtless, to empty our minds of worry and to feel contented in being…

One article gives insights into the etymology of the phrase ‘getting out of the wrong side of the bed’, with Augustus Caesar superstitious about the ancient belief of bad luck if you set the left foot on the ground first.  Although these harbingers have long since become obsolete, the article goes on to describe the benefits of staying in bed.  With scientific evidence of: ‘beneficial mental states between sleep and wakefulness.  Sleeping longer can even make you more intelligent.’ With this in mind, it seems obligatory to stay in bed as long as possible, however life pulls us to work and to keep busier than ever.

Another article talks of the peacefulness of the landscape, of a tranquil, clear lake; as you sit in the centre of the lake with nothing but a boat and a fishing rod, a feeling of calm overwhelms your whole being.  There seem to be so little things in life that lead us to this sense of serenity.  It is important for us to make time, to savour these moments for our own peace of mind.  I hope that we can all take time in our lives to seek this calm and clarity and to do the things that we love and that keep us calm and happy.  I find that being creative and making gives me this time - how do you find your zen?


 “procrastination… is an art.  It takes practice to savour life’s pleasures”

“Never do today, what you can put off tomorrow”

“Minimal effort is a worthy aspiration. Lie down and think about it”

(Favourite quotes from the IINDM website)